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Web and Multimedia Design

Seasons greetings!

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Flash animation

Though most of the work I take on professionally is web design, I am always keen to let new clients know about the other skills I possess.

In 2006 I earned a Bachelor of science honours degree in computer animation and can animate to a professional standard in both 2D and 3D. I have an extensive amount of experience creating animations, interactive applications and games in Adobe Flash, a piece of software that I very much enjoy using.

I have recently had a number of requests for simple flash animations to be incorporated into websites, and I had great fun creating them.

Flash animations can not only breath life into dull web pages, but can also be used to communicate a large message within a relatively small space. This is why they are extremely popular in banner advertisements and pop ups.

They can also be extremely small in filesize and therefore quick to load. The example animation below is just 8kb in size! That’s less than most still images…

Flash animation could be a lot cheaper than you would expect, so if it is something you would like to discuss then please feel free to get in touch.

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Picture resizer – great for schools.

I recently delivered some training to a local school on the popular open source virtual learning environment Moodle. For those who are unfamiliar, Moodle is like a content management system, but geared towards education. It allows teachers to create courses, lessons, quizzes and much more.

The process of uploading and inserting images into courses is very simple. The problem is that images downloaded, scanned or taken with digital cameras can be very large. This means that they take a very long time to upload and download.

Images need to be resized to a “web suitable” size prior to being uploaded. So what if you have a folder of 100 images to resize? Schools often don’t have the relevant software to resize images on their computers and teachers usually don’t have the priveledges to install software themselves. This is where Picture resizer is invaluable.

Picture resizer is a simple executable file that can be downloaded freely from this website (http://www.rw-designer.com/picture-resize). It doesn’t need to be installed and is very simple to use. Simply download the file, then:

1) Right click on the file and choose rename
2) Change the number in the file to the width that you want your image/images to be. E.g If you want your images to be 400 pixels wide you would call the file PhotoResize400.exe. If you wanted your images to be 200 pixels wide you would call the file PhotoResize200.exe
3) Finally, drag the image or a selection of images onto the photo resize file and let the magic happen!

Your image/images will be duplicated and the new ones will be the width that you specified in step 2.

More detailed instructions, with screenshots can be found on the tool’s website, so please visit http://www.rw-designer.com/picture-resize for more information.

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    Developing a new web site is a challenge. It must present the information required whilst communicating the school's ethos. As a Head teacher with limited expertise in such matters I required a designer who could take the school's ideas, advise on their practicability and then add a creative element. We are delighted with the outcome and recommend Mark's work without hesitation.
    M. Latham
    Head Teacher
    Newby Primary SchoolMore testimonials